robin ❝ robbie ❞ michael kovačević.


surname pronunciation: koh-vahtch-uh-vitch.
ethnicity: croatian, austrian, irish, german, english, distant french huguenot.
nationality: born and raised in reprieve.


age: twenty three.
birthdate and zodiac sign:
height: six foot three.
build: 185 lbs. tanned, muscular, dimples in his cheeks.
eye color: brown.
hair color: black.


species: full, triggered werewolf. has black fur with small, disorganized white/grey patches while turned.
sexuality: pansexual, panromantic.
relationship status: single. was engaged for a brief period of time before his ex broke it off. also had a few flings/relationships throughout high school and the few years after.
accent: slight croatian accent from being around his grandparents and parents so much growing up. knows a little bit of croatian, as well.


living arrangements: small house in delta district, inherited from his paternal grandparents and parents. lives with his st. bernard dog, nala.
occupation: car mechanic, works at o'malley's auto shop in beta district.

personality & trivia.

personality type:
hogwarts house: gryffindor.
friends character: joey tribbiani.
positive traits: caring, silly, brave.
negative traits: stubborn, jealous, self-isolating.
+ spends time in his kitchen with nala, cooking and baking weird dishes, i.e. combining foods that probably shouldn't be combined (such as rachel's thanksgiving trifle from friends). his speciality is grilled cheese with tomatoes, dipping it in secret sauce.
+ takes nala with him in his pickup truck just about everywhere he goes, except for work.
+ during the full moon, robbie puts nala in a special closed off room in his house to keep her away from him (and other werewolves) as much as possible. he also locks himself in the basement, which has chains, bars and wolfsbane, as to isolate himself during his transformation hours. afterwards, he joins nala in her closed off room and sleeps with her right beside him, as to protect her and get some rest.
+ nala is obviously not a werewolf, but she is like a spirit animal for robbie in many ways, protecting him and alerting him to anything that seems off, despite her st. bernard lazy nature. she is also his best friend, his buddy, and they are there for each other no matter what.
+ robbie has been a car mechanic for about three years, and he's pretty good at it. he usually wears the required shop uniform and a backwards baseball cap while working, and has grease all over his hands and forearms, and all over his clothes. he's messy, but skilled.
+ usually wears jeans, t-shirts, plaid button ups, baseball caps and sneakers, but will wear nicer clothes if the event calls for it.
+ loves orange juice, peanut butter chocolate ice cream, cheeseburgers and fries. also loves old school classic rock, country and r&b.
+ doesn't like people who lie, swamps and swamp animals (something about the dirty water and slimy animal life bugs him out), most romcom movies (even though he's pretty romantic himself) and drunken bar fights. also doesn't like seafood.


education: attended preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. graduated with a hs diploma, fairly good grades and a varsity jacket for being a football quarterback. attended college on a football scholarship until his sophomore year.
werewolf triggering event: when he accidentally killed a fellow member of his frat house during a drive to the nearby store. there was a car accident, and while robbie made it out with only minor injuries (minor because of his untriggered werewolf abilities), his frat brother didn't make it. because robbie's family didn't tell him about their werewolf heritage, he didn't understand what was happening to his body upon the moment of his frat brother's death (feeling his latent abilities kick in, his eyes turning black and gold); when he informed his parents of the event, they brought him home from college and sat him down and explained everything. he remained home after that, so his family could help him adjust to his new life, and his first full moon was just as horrendous as one would think. he was nineteen. he is technically a four-year-old full werewolf.
family: his maternal grandparents both passed away before he was born, and he grew up with his paternal grandparents, mother and father. he had one aunt on his paternal side who was killed by a vampire, therefore further locking in his family (and his pack's) hatred towards vampires. since robbie was fully triggered at nineteen, his paternal grandparents have both passed due to old age, and his parents moved to a different house in the delta district. robbie remained home, having adjusted the house for his transformations and his new way of living, staying there alone with his two-year-old st. bernard, nala. robbie has no other blood relatives except his parents, and their pack was dissolved by the time robbie triggered, since they were all deceased (mostly due to old age). robbie's parents worry that the legacy will die with their son, but they also wonder if it's for the better.